Emotional Freedom Technique – What Is It?

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique exactly? In this article I will explain what this simple technique is and how it can change your life!So the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, as it is more commonly known, is a simple yet remarkable healing technique which uses Acupressure points to relieve stress and anxiety that we create over all sorts of situations in our lives. It is actually far greater than that! Try using this technique on anything you struggle with and stand back, the transformation is incredibly fast, and if it doesn’t work completely, well you just go back and do it again!The Emotional Freedom Technique, was developed by Gary Craig. Gary has been interested in personal improvement and psychology since the age of 13. He recognized that the quality of his thoughts and beliefs were mirrored in the quality of his life.Well it went crazy, results and evidence were nothing short of amazing. Because this technique is so simple, anyone can use it, two things happened, firstly Gary’s dream came true in that everyone wanted it and his word was spreading fast, but secondly everyone jumping on the bandwagon made it a little confusing. Many therapists developed their own way of doing this, and nothing wrong with that, but it brought sceptics, because the student would come across many teachers and would question ‘well which way is right’? This is a shame because doubt appeared!Now there is no correct method, the system is used with energy points, it works on a similar principal to Acupuncture, it will balance the body’s energy system naturally, smooth out the energy, and undo blocks that we have created. That is simply how It works! However the points that were chosen by Gary, were chosen because they are the quickest and most appropriate for us to use with this system as they relate to certain parts of the body and brain, but some people found other points which they believe to be more appropriate. I like Gary’s way, and have been using it for years, it works why complicate it? It works psychologically to change our inner patterns so that we may correct and improve any situation. EFT reduces the stress that underlies disease.As with most energy work, repetition is the key, and there is sufficient evidence that EFT works very fast, you are tapping your energy points, so working on your energy body, you are affirming with words, and you are feeling emotion, all the ingredients needed for change, it works!The Emotional Freedom Technique, has proven itself successful in many scientific studies. It works on a variety of health issues, psychological problems, and performance issues. We have seen that even problems that seem to have been resistant to other methods can be shifted very quickly. It can be learned and applied easily, which is why it has increased in popularity among millions of people worldwide.